Strong Families

Why We Focus on Strong Families

Healthy relationships can provide the support network that builds self-confidence and resilience and makes it possible to thrive, even in the face of difficult times. These positive, close connections are important for all Chicagoans. Sometimes families need support to function well together, overcome challenges and form a close network. And other times, supportive friends and adults can step in to provide a safe space and encouragement for youth to grow and become leaders in their own lives.

Our Approach

Strong families and other social support networks provide the safe, secure, engaged environments youth need to be able to learn and thrive. Polk Bros. Foundation focuses on ensuring more Chicagoans develop and maintain these vital connections.

What We Support

To strengthen families and support networks across Chicago, Polk Bros. Foundation invests in efforts that promote healthy relationships and youth development and offer equitable access to holistic services. The emphasis of this focus area is on supporting children and families as they build the social connections, personal resilience and places to turn for concrete assistance in times of need that enable them to reach their full potential.

Youth and Family Support
Through our Youth and Family Support strategy, we support evidence-based programs focused on:

  • Positive youth development, especially programs that engage youth in skill-building, identity development and leadership opportunities that support them as they navigate key transitions from adolescence to adulthood.
  • Resilient families, to build families' capacity to address their collective and individual needs.
  • Family violence prevention and remediation, to break the cycle of violence and offer help finding safety, support and information.

  • Explore our Youth and Family Support Program Area Guide

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